SEMA 2018: MaxTrac's Forged Aluminum Four-Link Suspension System

The 2018 SEMA Show gave us a glimpse at what's new in the off-road and truck market. Today, we're looking at MaxTrac Suspension and its lift kits with forged aluminum radius arms for late-model, heavy-duty RAM trucks. On hand to speak with us was Maxtrac's Bob Sager. "There have been kits out for the 2009 and newer RAM trucks, but we wanted to do something different," he said. "This led us to come out with this new system, which is a 4-link, forged aluminum suspension kit." This kit represents a spirit of innovation for the company, and separates them from the pack of other competitors that make lift kits for the 3/4-ton segment. "We've seen what they have – steel arms, tubular arms – and they look good, but we wanted something special," said Sager. "We decided to do forged aluminum, and it's hitting a home run with our customers. Being forged, the radius arms are very durable for what's expected of them, and retain a uniform grain structure throughout, which means structural integrity. What's more, the Maxtrac arms are fully-adjustable on the fly, meaning they can be installed up to the mounts and then adjusted for alignment, rather than having to drop down and come out for alignment. Installing the kit is a bolt-on affair, and requires no drilling or cutting to complete the job. It can be ordered as the kit we saw at SEMA, or for a lighter price point without the 4-link setup and instead using the drop-down brackets. Available kits add either four or six-inches of additional lift.