Q: Will my stock wheels work with the kit I want?

This will vary per application. Please look up the part you are requesting under specs for more details.

Q: When I received my leveling kit it is not as tall as the advertised lifted height?

IFS suspension typically has a 2:1 ratio due to location of the strut or coil in comparison to the spindle and hub.

Q: What are your alignment specs?

Alignment specs are always recommended to be as close to factory as possible. None of our components require additional parts to align.

Q: I would like to get a price quote for one of your kits & what is the cost for installation

Unfortunately, we do not sell directly to the public. Please use our dealer locator to find a Maxtrac dealer near you.

Q: I just installed one of your kits and cannot get my truck into proper alignment specs, what should I do?

Please contact Maxtrac Tech support at (844) 535-1668 M-F 8am-5pm pacific time.

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