Why Buy Maxtrac?

Max Trac was founded in 2010 by a group of truck enthusiasts who shared the same passion about building quality suspension products, while keeping them at an affordable price. Recognizing that there was a large population of 2WD truck owners using expensive 4WD kits to lift their trucks, Max Trac developed cost-effective alternatives for the consumers without compromising ride quality or suspension travel. The idea was well received.

Over the past 10+ years, Max Trac has become a recognizable and trustworthy brand in the industry built on three principals: quality, customer service, and affordability. Max Trac understands that growth and success is a direct correlation between the shops and distributors who promote the brand. Hence, Max Trac strives to produce quality products, which are easy to install and priced to sell.

Today, Max Trac holds a unique position in the industry as one of the few suspension manufacturers that provides all three types of suspension products lines: LIFTING, LEVELING, and LOWERING. The goal at Max Trac is not to follow the path of other companies, but to create its own parallel path to success. Instead of a single track, that path is a multi-lane road designed to be shared by those who have made Max Trac today.

Maxtrac Lift Kits

Max Trac utilizes patented design spindles as the cornerstone of its lift systems. The combination of spindles and either spacers or coil springs not only provide superior ground clearance on 2WD lift kits, but the 100% bolt-on installation requires little to no modifications to the vehicle. As the leader in 2WD Spindle Lift technology, Max Trac is now manufacturing 4WD lift kits as well. By utilizing advanced manufacturing process such as forged aluminum, Max Trac is delivering cutting-edge kits that are unique to the industry. From 2WD spindle kits to 4WD forged aluminum 4-link kits, Max Trac has the best lift kit at affordable prices.

Maxtrac Lowering Kits

From classic S-10, C-10, and 1500 trucks to late model trucks and SUV’s, Max Trac has a wide range of components to provide moderate to extreme lowering options. Max Trac also utilizes the same spindle technology on its late model lowering systems for 2WD and 4WD applications. The combination of lowering spindles and adjustable struts not only provide the optimum lowering stance, but each kit is designed vehicle specific to achieve the factory like ride quality. The smooth ride, quick bolt-on installation, and high-quality parts are what make Max Trac kits stand out from the rest!

Maxtrac Leveling Kits

Max Trac provides the most complete line of high-quality leveling kits for all trucks and SUV’s. Whether it is a torsion key, strut spacer, or coil spacer, Max Trac uses the highest-grade material while keeping the price competitive. By far, this is the most cost-effective way to lift vehicles for larger wheels and tires, and improve the leveled stance, all while maintaining factory like ride quality and handling.

Photos From Maxtrac Customers

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